NFTs. Gaming. eCommerce.

We’re revolutionising the crypto space by being a part of not just the hottest trends but also the shakers & movers. Secured by smart contracts and powered by the ORIS token.


Empowering the Metaverse and the Real World alike.

Developed and conceptualised to learn, transform, design, and excel for both worlds. The ORIS project is a bridge and the fuel between the ecosystem of blockchains and real-world usage.

3 Impeccable Industries.
1 Powerful Token.

The ORIS token is used across different digital ecosystems in industry-specific applications.


It’s not a secret anymore. NFTs are what bitcoin was a decade ago. An essential part of the metaverse and digital gaming scenario, NFTs are indeed turning out to be golden investments.


Online gaming is a rapidly growing industry moving at bottleneck speeds and monopolised by a few top studios earning billions of dollars in revenues every year.


A new unicorn is produced every week in today’s age and times. From utilities to travel to buying cars and real estate online, life moves on the internet for almost the entire globe today.

The Oris Ecosystem

The ORIS ecosystem combines projects of different industries like Digital Gaming, eCommerce and NFTs and establishes its own Metaverse. Each of them uses ORIS in their own way, for example, via staking, as a payment solution, for a rewarding system, or to enable unique content. ORIS’s success comes with the success of its ecosystem projects.

There are endless use cases. Think ORIS as an umbrella over several standalone projects – a success network.


    Along with industry-aligned partners, we develop multiple blockchain projects for different use cases leading to a broader ORIS sphere.

  • Third Party Integrations

    Corporations, startups and innovative projects get access to our open API solutions for deep-linking the ORIS functionality in their own ways and styles.

  • Oris Projects

    A token is as good as its ecosystem and the passion of its founding team. Home-grown projects kickstart, fuel and keep the momentum going as a part of our more extensive Oris adoption program.

  • Real-world Applications

    Realworld NFTs, crypto payments at brick and mortar establishments, and utilising ORIS at offline casinos are some of our forthcoming endeavours and touchstone of our presence.

Upcoming Projects.

  • GameOn

    Slot games, live casino, sports, esports & crypto betting platform.

  • Zapit!

    Utility payments & financial services in a snap.

  • NFT Ville

    All things NFT. Marketplace for NFT memorabilia and collectables.

  • EstateX

    Exclusively signed luxury residential projects across the globe, secured by smart contracts and powered by the ORIS token.

The NFT Ville

A podium for handpicked and approved memorabilia and collectable NFTs produced in-house or by approved creators; the NFT Ville would create a distinctive statement as opposed to a traditional marketplace. And not to mention, the NFT x Gaming integration would deliver a shot of nostalgia straight to the system.

To The Moon!

As the world gears up, breathes and adapts to cryptocurrencies, ORIS is poised to grow tremendously, riding on a clear roadmap activation plan and burgeoning investor interest and confidence.

Decide where you position yourself. Timing is the key.

  • Pre-Sale: Never before timing
  • Private Sale: Top-notch price advantage
  • First Exchange Listing: AAA+ price advantage
  • Ecosystem Projects Launch: AAA+ price advantage

Henceforth, dynamic and market-driven factors kick in with ongoing ecosystem development and trading volumes.

Digital Casinos is

Owing to the legalisation of gambling-related activities and the growth of the experience economy, the online casino industry is going through a paradigm shift and generating record-breaking revenue figures.


Wagered annually on eSports


Wagered annually on Live Roulette

$169.8 BILLION

Wagered annually on Texas Hold’em Poker


Spent annually on Online Casinos


The ORIS token is an ERC-20 token deployed on the Polygon network.

ORIS Token

Oris is a utility token created to formulate a credible synergy between cryptocurrency investments and the three impeccable industries of NFTs, Digital Gaming and eCommerce.

The Oris token powers the entire ecosystem and will be the sole form of currency within the company platforms other than adoption at partner businesses and third-party integrations.

Token Distribution

  • Pre-Sale: 2.5%
  • Private Sale: 10%
  • Development / Ecosystem: 15%
  • Marketing / Partnerships: 10%
  • User Incentives / Rewards: 7.5%
  • Whale Rewards: 10%
  • Exchanges / Liquidity: 10%
  • Staking Rewards: 10%
  • Advisors: 2.5%
  • Team: 20%
  • Institutional Investors: 2.5%

ICO Fund Allocation

  • Development – 25%
  • Marketing / Customer Acquisition – 25%
  • Exchanges / Liquidity – 20%
  • Operations – 15%
  • Legal / Licensing -15%

Whale Holders

Whale holders get special incentives.

Staking Rewards

Holders can stake ORIS via partnered exchanges and organisations for rewards.


Placing bets and cashing winnings with ORIS.


Own handpicked revenue-generating NFTs within the ORIS Metaverse.


ORIS token holders will eventually govern the ecosystem via voting rights.


The ORIS Charity supports child education and rehabilitation projects across the globe.

Exchange Listing.

Through roadmap activation, we plan to list ORIS on multiple exchanges and eventually enlist the token on a top-5 exchange. The token has been planned to pair with BTC and ETH and later with additional currencies, including USDT and BUSD.


Coming soon

Clear Roadmap
For Clear Success

  • Q4-2023

    Oris is born.

    Mainnet launch.

    Third-party audits and security checks.

    Build showcase website and social media channels.

    Introduce the token for crowdfunding and ICO.

  • Q1-2024

    Exchange Listing.

    Certik Auditing – 100% clear.

    Partner with leading gaming brands.

    Partner with leading influencers and personalities.

    Exchange listing on a top tier centralised exchange.

  • Q2-2024

    Licensing & Technology.

    Commence development of NFT Ville, GameOn.

    Obtain Curacao eGaming License – Online sportsbook & casino.

    Integration with partner gaming websites.

    Launch staking rewards.

  • Q3-2024

    Trading Expansion.

    Launch internal crypto exchange / swap functionality.

    Second Exchange listing on a top tier centralised exchange.

    List on CoinMarketCap.

  • Q4-2024

    Strategic Partnerships.

    Partner with regional online commerce brands.

    Partner with leading real estate firms in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Asia.

    Commence development of EstateX and Zapit!

  • Q1-2025

    Casino Launch.

    Launch the online casino (GameOn).

    Opening of Oris Hotel & Casino (real-world).

    List on CoinGecko.

  • Q2-2025

    NFT Ville Launch.

    Release Hotel Suite & Amenities NFTs.

    Launch the general NFT marketplace (NFT Ville).

    Fiat-Crypto onramp.

  • Q3-2025

    EstateX Launch.

    Launch the real estate platform (EstateX).

    Reveal cross-chain deployment strategy.

    Initiate first cross-chain implementation.

  • Q4-2025

    Zapit Launch.

    Launch the utility payment platform (Zapit!).

    List on a top-5 exchange.

    Launch community governance system.

  • Q1-2026

    Promotions & Sponsorships.

    Obtain a European gaming license.

    World gaming tournaments.

    Sponsor sports events.

  • Ongoing

    Expansion of ORIS ecosystem with additional projects, partnerships and collaborations.

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